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Platelet-rich plasma is a substance that providers are using at an increasing rate because of the way it promotes healing. At Modern NuSkin in Elk Grove, California, you can get aesthetic PRP treatments for hair growth or skin renewal. To find out more about how PRP can improve your skin or hair growth, call Modern NuSkin for an appointment, or book online today.

PRP Treatment Q & A

What is PRP treatment?

PRP treatments use platelet-rich plasma, a natural substance made up of parts of your own blood, to stimulate and enhance your body’s healing processes. Modern NuSkin offers PRP treatments using Eclipse PRP®, a patented system that separates your blood to form pure PRP. 

PRP contains two main components from your blood: platelets and plasma. Plasma is the liquid part that carries the cells. Platelets are healing cells that clump together and coagulate when you get an injury. They also release growth factors that send signals to other nearby cells telling them to regenerate and repair tissue damage. 

To obtain your PRP for treatment, your Modern NuSkin provider uses the Eclipse PRP centrifuge to rapidly spin a small sample of your blood. The device eliminates red and white blood cells from the sample, which can cause inflammation if they’re present in the PRP during your treatment. 

Which specific PRP treatments are available?

PRP treatments use injections of PRP to achieve various goals. Modern NuSkin specializes in two different aesthetic PRP treatments using the Eclipse PRP system:

Hair growth treatments

There is strong evidence showing that PRP injections can promote hair growth in balding areas. For many people, PRP treatments eliminate or reduce the need for hair plugs, hair restoration surgery, and other treatments or hair replacement options. 

PRP facials

PRP facials involve tiny microneedling injections of PRP directly into your skin. They promote cell regeneration to relieve dark spots, scarring, sun damage, and other undesirable features. 

How safe are PRP treatments?

You might wonder whether or not aesthetic PRP treatments, which are relatively new, are safe. Because they use samples of your own blood instead of blood from a donor, PRP treatments are safe and unlikely to cause an adverse reaction.

Treatments using the Eclipse PRP system are particularly safe because of their purity. The highly advanced system ensures that all red and white blood cells are removed from the sample. It also prevents platelets from sticking together with a vacuum-sealed glass tube that holds the sample. 

The Modern NuSkin team takes every precautionary measure to keep your sample pure and safe for maximum effectiveness. Eclipse PRP makes their job easy. 

To learn more about the benefits of PRP and find out if you’re a good candidate for either PRP treatment, call Modern NuSkin, or book a consultation online today.